Travelers Worldwide Staying Home This Holiday Season

For 2020, the travel industry is looking at a bleak holiday season forecast..  American Express says that their survey shows that 3 of every 5 consumers, 60%, are planning to stay home for the holidays this year.

The survey also finds that these ‘would be travelers’ are all in to planning future travel.  In fact, most are interested in RECEIVING travel this year.  58% of those surveyed would like to receive a domestic trip as their holiday gift.  54% said they’d like an internation trip as a gift.

Sixty percent said they’ll take more vacation time in 2021, and over two-thirds say that because of the pandemic, they’re saving more money in order to take a nicer trip, whenever that is.

And one philosophical change.  Probably because of the stress involved in 2020, 64% of future travelers say they want their next vacation to be one where they can relax and lounge.  That’s up 11% from the 53% before Covid 19.

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