CDC Offers Cruise ‘Reopening’ Roadmap

It was mid-March, seven and a half months ago, when the cruise industry ground to a halt due to Coronavirus.

Now, the Centers for Disease Control has lifted it’s “no sail” order for passenger cruise ships.  At the same time unveiling new guidelins for a gradual resumption of cruise voyages.

In order for cruising to begin again, the cruise industry would have to implement safety procedures to help limit the spread of COVID-19 among passengers and crew.

Cruise ship operators will be required to build laboratories on each vessel, with enough capacity to test crew and passengers.  They must also hire a team qualified to conduct such testing.

Each ship will be required to implement, and keep updated, a ‘color coded system’.  This will indicate the ship’s status and update procedures for the surveillance of Covid-19 on board.

CLIA, the Cruise Lines International Association, announced that they welcomed the procedures (and lifting of the ban) and said “it is an important step toward returning our ships to service from U.S. ports.”

Some Doctors have expressed their doubts about the plan as to whether it is feasible, or as to the possibility it is enough.

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